Traffic Ticket in Michigan – Do I need a lawyer?

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Michigan Traffic tickets

Do I need a lawyer for a traffic ticket in Michigan?” In short:  yes.  While a traffic ticket is not a criminal offense and does not have the risk of jail time the consequences of a traffic violation can have serious and costly repercussions.

First, I want to dispel one common myth.  Judges do not often reduce traffic tickets for someone.  Next, a person rarely wins a traffic hearing against a police officer.  Those are the hard facts.

If you are found responsible for a traffic ticket you may get assessed points on your license, have your license suspended, pay high fees, and owe money to the treasury department in the form of drivers’ responsibility fees.  Additionally, when you go to court for traffic ticket you will spend a long time there and possibly miss work.

An attorney is going to cost you less than doing it by yourself.  That is many times often the truth.  Of course, there are rare incidents, but more often than not an attorney will save you a lot of money and time.

There are several reasons why you should hire an attorney to handle your traffic ticket:

  • In most jurisdictions you will not have to go to court; the attorney will for you; in that sense you save time off of work and your day; an attorney does all of the work for you
  • Save points on your license
  • Pay less in traffic fines
  • Save money on insurance rates
  • Avoid costly driver responsibility fees
  • An analysis shows that hiring an attorney is time and cost effective

Yes, an attorney may charge you $200 to $300 for the ticket.  But, that money is a better use of your time and resources.  In the end, you will pay less for an attorney because you either avoid points or have them reduced on your driving record.  There is no question this saves you money with your insurance company.  Many times, we can avoid having the court notify the Secretary of State and putting the points and infraction on your record.  What the insurance company does not see usually does not get assessed.

It helps to have an attorney to deal with the police, prosecutors and city attorneys who are involved with the tickets.  Since we go to court daily, we have built a great relationship with the police and prosecutors.  These relationships helps us negotiate on your behalf.  You gain in the end.

An attorney who will eliminate or reduce the points on your license will save you thousands of dollars in insurance rates over time.  In essence, hiring an attorney pays for itself.  Specifically, if you are found responsible for a traffic ticket you will have the ticket costs, you may face a license suspension and, if you have points assessed to your driving record – you will have higher insurance rates.

Also, an attorney can help you maintain a good driving record for employment purposes.  People who drive for a living or are seeking employment related to driving need a good record.  We can help.

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