MICHIGAN APPEAL LAWYER – Appeal of Right vs. Application for Leave to Appeal

Michigan appeal lawyer
Michigan Appeal of Right vs Application for Leave to Appeal

An experienced Michigan appeal lawyer is a chance for hope after an unfair or wrongful conviction.   Appeals are an important part of the criminal legal system. A conviction does not have to be the last word in a criminal case.  If a jury wrongly convicted someone,  if the trial was not fair, or if the sentence imposed does not comply with law, a defendant may have legal remedies to attack the case.  An appeal can be newfound hope in the hands of a skilled Michigan appeal lawyer.

An appeal is a complex and difficult area of criminal law.  An appeal must be done correctly because once the appeal process has ended, a defendant is not entitled to another.  The door to legal remedies can be permanently closed.  This is why it is important to hire an experienced Michigan appeal lawyer to perfect a criminal appeal.  I have had many people write me from prison asking if I can file another appeal for them because their appellate attorney did not raise a variety of legal issues.  I have been able to pursue other post-conviction remedies after the appeal door has closed, but there are significant hurdles to overcome.

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Plea bargainI want to start this article off by saying that most cases in the State of Michigan and in the federal courts are resolved by plea deals.  The truth is most criminal cases do not go to trial. If every case went to trial the criminal justice system would grind to a halt. While some cases should go to trial, the fact is a negotiated plea deal can be in your best interest. Your attorney cannot force you to accept a plea deal. You always maintain your right to go to a trial.

I want to dispel one myth at the very beginning of this article. Some defendants say that “my attorney wanted me to cop a deal” as if this is a bad idea.  I also want to say one other thing up front.  Do some attorneys want their clients to accept a plea deal so they can close the case?  The answer is:  Yes.  Is it wrong?  Again the answer is – yes.

But, because some attorneys lack integrity does not mean that a plea deal is not in your best interest.  You have to have trust in the attorney that you hire.  The truth is a very good plea deal can save you jail time, reduce charges, avoid a conviction, and save you money in fines/costs and legal fees. The purpose of this article is to explain how a plea deal can be in your best interest.


DWLS -Driving While License Suspended – Wayne, Oakland, Macomb Counties

DWLS in MichiganWe at Czarnecki & Taylor handle many Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) cases.  It seems a large part of the cases moving through the court system are for DWLS.  I believe that the system tends to keep people in a vicious circle of costs.  For example,  a person gets a ticket, forgets to pay it, does not hire a lawyer to resolve the matter, or does not have the money to pay it.  As a result, his or her license gets suspended.  Eventually because the person needs to drive, he or she gets stopped and cited for DWLS.  It never fails to happen.  The cycle then continues.  We want to break that cycle and relieve the stress of driving without a valid license.  No one wants to drive while looking over his or her shoulder constantly.

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First Offense DUI -Michigan
First Offense DUI – Michigan

If you have been arrested for a first offense DUI in Michigan, dealing with the police, courts and prosecution can be quite stressful. This article is written to help answer some of the questions that you may have.  Additionally, we hope to alleviate some of the stress you are feeling by explaining what you might expect to occur in your case.


Traffic Ticket in Michigan – Do I need a lawyer?

michigan traffic ticket attorney
Michigan Traffic tickets

Do I need a lawyer for a traffic ticket in Michigan?” In short:  yes.  While a traffic ticket is not a criminal offense and does not have the risk of jail time the consequences of a traffic violation can have serious and costly repercussions.

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Marijuana Possession – First Offense – Michigan

First offense possession of marijuana
Marijuana Possession Michigan

If you are charged with a first offense of possession of marijuana in Michigan, this article explains what you can expect.

In Michigan marijuana is both legal and illegal.  The Michigan voters decided that marijuana should be legal for medicinal use.  However, the law has not quite changed to make it legal for recreational use. Until then, even possession of the smallest amount of marijuana, without a legal right to do so, can lead to criminal charges.  A possession of marijuana conviction can have long-lasting effects on financial aid for college, a driver’s license, employment, elimination nursing programs, etc.

Since a possession of marijuana conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through the legal process.  The attorney may be able to keep the criminal off of your criminal history and driving record.

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