Michigan Implied Consent Suspension – Driver’s License Lawyer

What is a Michigan implied consent suspension?

Michigan Implied Consent Law
Michigan Implied Consent Suspension

If you refuse an officer’s request to take a chemical test you will receive a Michigan implied consent suspension.  Most people do not realize that when they apply and receive a Michigan driver’s license, they implicitly agree to take an alcohol test when requested by a police officer after an arrest for a drinking and driving offense.

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Relief from Judgment -Michigan 6.500 Motion- Post Conviction Relief

Michigan Motion for Relief from Judgment
MCR 6.500, Motion for Relief from Judgment in Michigan

A Motion for Relief from Judgment, MCR 6.500, is often the last chance to correct a conviction.  At CZARNECKI & TAYLOR, we receive many letters and calls from inmates regarding post-conviction relief, specifically, 6.500 Motions, Motion for Relief from Judgment. The 6.500 motion is filed after the defendant has already gone through the appeal process.  This article will discuss the essential components of the 6.500 motion for those people seeking post-conviction remedies.

A 6.500 may be a defendant’s last chance to “appeal” the conviction.