MICHIGAN APPEAL LAWYER – Appeal of Right vs. Application for Leave to Appeal

Michigan appeal lawyer
Michigan Appeal of Right vs Application for Leave to Appeal

An experienced Michigan appeal lawyer is a chance for hope after an unfair or wrongful conviction.   Appeals are an important part of the criminal legal system. A conviction does not have to be the last word in a criminal case.  If a jury wrongly convicted someone,  if the trial was not fair, or if the sentence imposed does not comply with law, a defendant may have legal remedies to attack the case.  An appeal can be newfound hope in the hands of a skilled Michigan appeal lawyer.

An appeal is a complex and difficult area of criminal law.  An appeal must be done correctly because once the appeal process has ended, a defendant is not entitled to another.  The door to legal remedies can be permanently closed.  This is why it is important to hire an experienced Michigan appeal lawyer to perfect a criminal appeal.  I have had many people write me from prison asking if I can file another appeal for them because their appellate attorney did not raise a variety of legal issues.  I have been able to pursue other post-conviction remedies after the appeal door has closed, but there are significant hurdles to overcome.

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An experienced Michigan criminal appeal lawyer fights for fairness.  Everyone in the United States accused of a crime has the fundamental right to a fair trial. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In many criminal cases lawyers and judges make mistakes that deprive a person of a fair trial. Fortunately, anyone convicted of a crime has the opportunity to appeal his or her conviction to correct an unfair result.  A Michigan criminal appeal lawyer seeks to achieve to correct an unjust result. Often a conviction can be overturned, a new trial can be granted, a sentence can be reduced, among other remedies.

This article is about the criminal appeal process from an experienced Michigan criminal appeal lawyer.  The process is complicated and does require a great deal of explanation.  Unlike a trial, the appeal process is focused on correcting any legal errors that have occurred during a plea or trial.  This article is an introduction into the Michigan appeal process.  the primary focus is on an appeal by right, that is, an appeal after a jury returned a guilty verdict.