CZARNECKI & TAYLOR successfully appeal client’s case – wrongful convictions overturned

wrongful convictions
CZARNECKI & TAYLOR successfully win appeal for client. Wrongful convictions overturned.

CZARNECKI & TAYLOR successfully appealed our client’s wrongful convictions in the Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  The Courts overturned our client’s 4 convictions.   Following a jury trial, our client had been convicted of four counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, MCL 750.520d(1)(a). The trial court sentenced the Defendant to 5 to 15 years’ imprisonment for each conviction.

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Relief from Judgment -Michigan 6.500 Motion- Post Conviction Relief

Michigan Motion for Relief from Judgment
MCR 6.500, Motion for Relief from Judgment in Michigan

A Motion for Relief from Judgment, MCR 6.500, is often the last chance to correct a conviction.  At CZARNECKI & TAYLOR, we receive many letters and calls from inmates regarding post-conviction relief, specifically, 6.500 Motions, Motion for Relief from Judgment. The 6.500 motion is filed after the defendant has already gone through the appeal process.  This article will discuss the essential components of the 6.500 motion for those people seeking post-conviction remedies.

A 6.500 may be a defendant’s last chance to “appeal” the conviction.

MICHIGAN APPEAL LAWYER – Appeal of Right vs. Application for Leave to Appeal

Michigan appeal lawyer
Michigan Appeal of Right vs Application for Leave to Appeal

An experienced Michigan appeal lawyer is a chance for hope after an unfair or wrongful conviction.   Appeals are an important part of the criminal legal system. A conviction does not have to be the last word in a criminal case.  If a jury wrongly convicted someone,  if the trial was not fair, or if the sentence imposed does not comply with law, a defendant may have legal remedies to attack the case.  An appeal can be newfound hope in the hands of a skilled Michigan appeal lawyer.

An appeal is a complex and difficult area of criminal law.  An appeal must be done correctly because once the appeal process has ended, a defendant is not entitled to another.  The door to legal remedies can be permanently closed.  This is why it is important to hire an experienced Michigan appeal lawyer to perfect a criminal appeal.  I have had many people write me from prison asking if I can file another appeal for them because their appellate attorney did not raise a variety of legal issues.  I have been able to pursue other post-conviction remedies after the appeal door has closed, but there are significant hurdles to overcome.

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