DWLS -Driving While License Suspended – Wayne, Oakland, Macomb Counties

DWLS in MichiganWe at Czarnecki & Taylor handle many Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) cases.  It seems a large part of the cases moving through the court system are for DWLS.  I believe that the system tends to keep people in a vicious circle of costs.  For example,  a person gets a ticket, forgets to pay it, does not hire a lawyer to resolve the matter, or does not have the money to pay it.  As a result, his or her license gets suspended.  Eventually because the person needs to drive, he or she gets stopped and cited for DWLS.  It never fails to happen.  The cycle then continues.  We want to break that cycle and relieve the stress of driving without a valid license.  No one wants to drive while looking over his or her shoulder constantly.

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